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IndoMex Snack Box by Chef Nora Haron + Chef Mayra Valesquez

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A mystery box full of Indonesian, Mexican, and Singaporean goodies curated by Chef Nora Haron, and Chef Mayra Velasquez. This box is perfect for gifting to your food-loving friend or just treating yourself! 

Originally hailing from Singapore with Indonesian-Indian descent, Chef Nora brings to the States bold flavors that are reminiscent of her motherland. Now she's breaking through glass ceilings and redefining the culinary industry with her modern approach to global cuisine that draws its influence, among others, from her heritage. Chef Nora marries these multicultural flavors to create her love story through food and history. 

The term IndoMex is Chef Nora's take on bridging two cultures that are near and dear to her heart. IndoMex cuisine was inspired by her love with her partner Diego, whose family has roots in Mexico. Together they’ve traveled to each other's homelands and we’re compelled to create dishes that are representative of their relationship, “making food babies,” as Chef Nora puts it, in a recent featured article from Eater SF.


Chef Mayra Valesquez is the owner of Xingones, an Oakland based restaurant known for its tacos and fried chicken. She was born in Jalisco, Mexico. The youngest child of 10 children, Chef Mayra, and her family moved to California when she was 4 years old. 

At the age of 22, armed with her family recipes, Chef Mayra opened her first taqueria in Southern California. A year later, she moved to the SF Bay to get more restaurant experience and was hired as Chef Nora’s Sous Chef at Drip Line Oakland, while pursuing her dream of opening her own brick and mortar.  


Together, Chef Nora and Chef Mayra have created not only an unbreakable friendship but transformed the idea of IndoMex into a reality. This exclusive box features their favorite confections from home, recipes from their own kitchens, and goodies from Tuk Tuk Box and our partners at ABC sauces. 

What's in the box? 

  • 4-6 assorted confections from Singapore, Indonesia, and Mexico, i.e. candy, cookies
  • 1 IndoMex recipe from Chef Nora Haron's kitchen 
  • 1 pack of Indomex Hot Cocoa spiced with Cayenne, Cinnamon, Sweetened with Coconut Palm Sugar and Powdered Coconut Milk (just add water)
  • 1 pack of Indomex Spice Rub by Xingones 
  • 2 pack of Instant Noodles, including 1 Indomie instant noodles and  1 assorted 
  • 1 handmade Batik mask (IndoMex Influenced Fabric) from Nora’s Gifts and Designs 
  • 1 275ml bottle ABC Kicap Manis sauce  
  • 1 Chabe chili sauce bottle from ABC 
  • 1 2oz. jar of Mango Jam made by Mami's Kitchen 
  • 1 Laksa Sticker designed by Evie
  • 1 assorted drink from Singapore, Indonesia, or Mexico

We're so proud to have Chefs Nora and Mayra as Tuk Tuk partners and hope you enjoy these delectable confections in honor of their beautifully woven ancestry. 

We hope this collection of curated global foods will bring you as much joy as the love and friendship behind IndoMex. To learn more about Chef Nora and Chef Mayra, please visit: www.noraharon.com and www.xingones.com

*Note: Boxes will be shipped out after Feb 5th in time for Valentine's Day