Our Team

Founder: Christy Innouvong-Thornton

Christy is a Lao Isaan American daughter of refugees. She is the Founder of Tuk Tuk Box and co-founder of Courageous Kitchen, a 5013c food education charity for refugee communities. Her mission is to shape young leaders through culinary education. She has a background in youth programming, international development, and hospitality. Prior to starting her entrepreneurial ventures, Christy studied Hospitality Management at Brooklyn College and held several positions in the food industry. In 2017, she launched a social enterprise teaching Thai cooking courses for tourists and began developing a Southeast Asian cookbook. Her work and recipes have been featured by Bangkok 101 Magazine, Travel + Leisure Asia, San Diego Union Tribune, and Buzzfeed. She is passionate about seeing and saving the world.

Cofounder: Beatriz Aurelio-Saguin

Beatriz is a daughter of immigrants whose family hails from Jakarta, Pangasinan, and the Visayan Islands in the Philippines.  Beatriz holds a Masters in Public Health and is completing a Masters in Global Health at Northwestern University. She has also completed courses on indigenous and migration health at the University of Peace in Costa Rica. Beatriz has a background in health policy and law and has worked on a variety of projects in advocacy for the social determinants of health and Asian and Pacific Islander health initiatives. Beatriz has presented on topics such as Child and Maternal health at the National School of Public Health in Havana Cuba, Pantawid Pamilya in the Philippines, and for the Consortium of Universities on global health. 


Operations Manager: Allison Barcelon 

Allison is a second generation multicultural Chinese American with Spanish and Mexican ancestry. Allison holds a Bachelors in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis, and has held positions in public health and health advocacy for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Food has been a consistent way for Allison to get in touch with the different parts of her mixed race heritage and she is passionate about using food to connect with and empower others.