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Balikbayan Themed Snack Box

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Take a trip to the Phillippines with our Balikbayan themed snack box!

In this box, you get a taste of what Filipinos share with their loved ones - to bring back the flavors of home to those working and living overseas! The Balikbayan Box tradition happens all year round, but is especially celebrated during the holiday season! Enjoy the flavors of the Philippine islands in this themed box from our Tuk Tuk Box family to yours.

What's in the box?

  • Ube, Cookies + Cream, or Original Polvoron from Goldilocks
  • 1 full-sized tropical fruit-flavored drink
  • 2 full-sized chip bag or similar savory snack
  • 1 instant noodle and drink pack
  • Assorted cakes, cookies, and crackers 
  • Stickers and homemade goodies from local Filipino owned small businesses
  • A small gift handmade gift or art piece from Tuk Tuk Box or our community partners 

Note: This themed box is included in any subscription of 3 months or more