Tuk Tuk Box

Royal (Tea) Themed Snack Box

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We love learning about the varied histories of our families past, and knowing that we are descendants from beautiful ancestry, some even with Royal bloodline. Tuk Tuk Box aims to reclaim our past, honor, and begin anew to create positive, meaningful narratives for future generations.

In addition to the stories, in this box, we’re sharing some of our favorite tea, like, Malungay tea from a Bay Area Filipino farmer, Ms. Edna, and Thai Tea from our charity partner Courageous Kitchen. Along with popular goodies for you to have your very own Southeast Asian tea party, you'll also receive a recipe from renowned Chef Nora Haron featuring her  IndoMex wedding cookies, perfect for pairing with your hot (or cold) tea.

We hope you enjoy hearing all about the royalty of Southeast Asia while sipping on a delicious cup of your own. Lastly, thank you to the amazing farmers who worked hard to get us all our delicious brews! 

What's in the box?

  • 1 bag of Bizcocho from Goldilocks, a Filipino owned bakery or a full-sized bag of Jan's mini wafer bites in assorted flavors
  • 1 full-sized iced tea or milk tea
  • 2 full-sized chip bag or similar savory snack
  • 1 instant noodle and drink pack
  • 2-3 assorted tea blends from the above mentioned small businesses
  • Assorted cakes, cookies, and crackers to compliment your tea
  • An IndoMex recipe card from Chef Nora Haron
  • A small gift handmade gift or art piece from Tuk Tuk Box or our community partners