September: Intro Box ft. Banana Joe

Banana Joe is exactly what you need when you're looking for a healthy & delicious snack: salty, sweet, & savory- you can't just eat one! 

Joe is an avid runner. One stormy evening after his run, Joe was craving his power-packed snack. He went into his kitchen only to find some unripe Hom Tong Bananas. Stomach Growling, he decided to experiment to find the best way to eat them. Joe ended up with the delicious thin chips that were the inspiration for him to start the Banana Joe brand using green bananas, which have lower sugar content and higher prebiotic fibers. Joe buys bananas fresh everyday from small, family owned farms around Thailand which are hand-cooked on the same day for extra freshness.

Were proud to feature Banana Joe in our introduction box for our subscribers and can't wait to share new flavors with you all! 


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