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Tuk Tuk Box was founded by two Southeast Asian American women, Christy and Bea, who recognized the need to create a cross-cultural bridge to foster social change. We are a specialty food retailer offering curated Southeast Asian boxes and products. We partner with vetted small business owners and local farmers to share carefully crafted ingredients and recipes from our own community. 

We’re passionate food lovers and culture junkies. Between us we’ve traveled to countless countries, but nothing means 'home' more than the flavors of Southeast Asia where our ancestors immigrated from. Bursts of makrut lime and lemongrass, spicy Thai chili, and funky fish sauce transport us to the bustling streets where city goers are traveling by motorcycle or 'tuk tuk' to get to work or deliver food. 

The tuk tuk is an iconic symbol of Southeast Asian lifestyle, and is often referred to in some regions as a ‘tricycle,’ ‘pigeon,’ ‘auto,’ or ‘lapa.’ The vehicle can be identified by its motorized 3-wheeled rickshaw design and the low putt-putt sound it makes while chugging down the road. We love exploring the motherland by tuk tuk and eating our way through the region. Creating Tuk Tuk Box was a way for us to honor and share all of our favorite Southeast Asian foods with the world!

Supporting Southeast Asian Food Education

Our charity partner, Courageous Kitchen works with vulnerable children in Bangkok, Thailand. These children are at risk for exploitation because of extreme poverty, malnutrition, and lack of access to education and safe shelter. Courageous Kitchen currently provides these services at no cost to participants:

  • Informal Preschool for 3-6 year olds
  • Cooking & English Classes 
  • Distribution of Food and Hygiene Products
  • Support for Housing and Medical Emergencies

Through their work in the kitchen they fight poverty by providing both broad and specialized skills for future employment opportunities. Children learn hard skills that can be used in kitchens across the world, but also learn how to work with others, use their creativity, and delegate tasks. Courageous Kitchen encourages a multilingual environment where children learn Thai and English. They also work with parents in the communities with job placement and livelihoods assistance.

Tuk Tuk Box is honored to partner with organizations like Courageous Kitchen to give back to the community. We are dedicated to focusing exclusively on Southeast Asian purveyors and providing opportunities for future leaders to come. Please help us sponsor a class here.