January: Royal(Teas) ft. HERstorySEA Podcast

This month we’re fantasizing about being in the motherland, high up in a palace, or a stilted house in the rice patties, or even a beach hut on a deserted island. Sipping coconuts, smoothies, or a nice cup of freshly brewed herbal tea.

We love learning about the varied histories of our families past, and knowing that we all were descendants from beautiful ancestry, some even with Royal bloodline. Although often painful, Tuk Tuk Box aims to reclaim our past, honor, and begin anew to create positive, meaningful narratives for future generations. 

Have you ever heard of the Vietnamese sisters who led a revolution against the Han Dynasty? Or the Acehnese woman admiral who commanded an army of widows? How about the Filipino princess who might never have existed? There’s a whole world waiting for you in the HERstory Southeast Asia podcast. We’re honored to feature this amazing production where episode by episode, you hear the history of Southeast Asia, from a strong female perspective. Come along as we discover the queens, commanders, and pioneers who don’t normally make it into your textbooks. 

In addition to the stories, this month we’re sharing some our favorite tea like, Malungay tea from a Filipino farmer, Ms. Edna and Thai Tea from our charity partner Courageous Kitchen, along with popular goodies for you to have your very own Southeast Asian tea party. Lastly, you’ll find a wedding cookie recipe from renowned Chef Nora Haron that's perfect for pairing with your hot (or cold) beverage. 

We hope you enjoy hearing all about the royalty of Southeast Asia while sipping on a delicious brew of your own. Thank you to the amazing farmers who worked hard to get us all our delicious brews! 

HerStory SEA Podcast

Episode by episode, we tell the history of Southeast Asia, from her perspective. Join us as we discover the queens, commanders, and pioneers who don’t normally make it into your textbooks. HERstory Southeast Asia is available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Want to learn more? 
Here are a few links to help you get started on learning about the stories behind Royalty in Southeast Asia: 

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