🔥 Mak & Grille is bringing the heat! 🔥


Need a little dab of spice on everything you eat? Tuk Tuk Box is so excited to feature Mak & Grille hot sauces in our February Hill tribe focused box. Coming in at 4 levels of spicy, ranging from single flame 🔥 mild to the four flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥 "Daddy," Mak & Grille has got you covered for all your spice needs.

"Our roots in cooking and curating amazing food as we gather around family has been a tradition since childhood -- the meals that raise us through conversations spark love and appreciation of being in each other’s company. 

The founders of a small food cart and sauce business in Elk Grove, California is doing just that; sharing taste and flavor with its rich, vibrant and beautifully food-woven community. Hong Tran, Minh Mak, and Brian Saelee grew up in the kitchens of their mothers and grandparents, and were brought up by not just what’s brewing in the home but also from the array of diversity in their rich Southeast Asian and Asian roots, boiling in the rich melting pot of flavors that is the Sacramento valley. Hosting events and catering to family and friends, the brothers set out to venture a versatile small batch hot sauce business, followed by a food cart that has been stalled by the pandemic. Though they are planning for a strong return to local events this year, their food menu sampling at local special pop-up events continue to be a special offering to their fan following. Giving back is built into the very reason why they’re sharing their cuisine, and Mak & Grille is delighted to partner with exquisite special companies like Tuk Tuk Box.

What's Mak & Grille you ask?

Bold American BBQ meets Chinese, Vietnamese and Mien spices and flavors, infused together to give you inspired premium taste for foodies far and wide. Our family hopes that you’ll fall in love with our specially crafted selected sauce. May there be love, health and always a curiosity, for life’s best joys nothing short of flavor. 

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Thank you so much to Mak & Grille for sharing your stories with us! Tuk Tuk box is proud to exclusively feature Southeast Asian ingredients and include refugee, migrant, and generational stories in every box.

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